Risolve – SE
What RISOLVE – SE offers is a customer experience that adopts new age technologies that are relentlessly reinventing to give seamless service just through voice commands. Being cloud-based, you get access from anywhere and pay-per-use or scale of your company.

With advancements in speech recognition and NLP, conversational Artificial Intelligence has become the new frontier that is truly transforming customer engagement, making it much more unified and collaborative.

RISOLVE – SE is designed to meet demands of both small businesses and large companies with service portal, resolution management, task management for sales, service and developer teams, conducting surveys among any set of groups, notice board for groups, knowledge base for customers, help manuals, and community forum for groups.

Key Features of RISOLVE - SE

For the USER

  • Place request by simply commanding Alexa
  • Fully automated lifecycle for service requests
  • Dedicated and customizable service portal
  • Customers, agents, developers, native team, and employees can raise requests
  • Multiple SLA’s can be configured


  • Get requests in multiple ways—service portal, chatbot, email, voice response, mobile app and phone
  • Manage your developers, sales team, agents, service representatives and customers from one place
  • Issue public and private notices
  • Create internal or external users of multiple groups
  • Create multiple tasks for your sales and service teams
  • Give scoring to multiple groups based on the completion of tasks
  • Configure offers to various sets of users
  • Configure newsletters to registered customers
  • Configure multiple assets for tracking service related issues
  • Multiple service representatives can be configured
  • Assign time bound by the nature or by SLA
  • Public and private responses may be added to the service requests
  • Create unlimited hierarchy levels and unlimited administrators
  • Automate emails and updates
  • Response tree of every service request
  • Manage Internal and external SRP’s less than one roof
  • Configure escalation process dynamically
  • Transfer the service requests to other company, which is under the same tree
  • Unlimited sales and service agents can be configured
  • White labeled service portal for customers sign up
  • Upload FAQ, manuals and knowledge base on the service portal
  • Conduct surveys among the customer’s, agents and employees separately
  • Convert customer e-mails into service requests
  • Customized categories of the service requests including non-technical, sales, info request, hardware related, software related
  • Configure the priority of the service requests as per the nature or SLA
  • Automatically assign the service requests as per the priority to internal or external SRPs or to the agents
  • Service requests also can be assigned automatically to the service representatives