Risolve – HM
Redefining the hotel operations with the mobile app. Today Use of Chatbot and Voice assistant are ultimate guest experience measures by the hotels. For an industry where service is king, smart devices are playing a key role, be it in attracting and engaging the customers or to improve the service delivery mechanism.

  • Engage with guests in a cost-effective way to increase satisfaction
  • Provide a more personal and customized experience
  • Offer location based services to improve guest experiences as well as guest safety
  • Leverage cloud and mobile application technologies to simplify many tasks and interactions
  • Use artificial intelligence and real-time analytics to increase operational efficiency

Risolve HM iOS and Android Mobile apps and dashboards ensure that your manager always gets the top-level as well as a detailed view of the entire operations of the Front desk, housekeeping, restaurant, and maintenance, helping him intervene and resolve the issue when required.
The availability of Realtime data helps your manager to keep a firm grip on the entire operations. Moreover, knowing all the data of hotel observations, guest feedbacks and complaints helps your manager to understand the specific needs of your guests based on his history and deliver personalized services.


Improves your hotel operations efficiency
Unlike with real people, with services and concierge apps, it is possible to establish certain standards of service and stick to them no matter what.
To run every hotel efficiently, the coordination and communication with each other department with the real-time data is key.
Management staff can post issues with pictures with from mobile app to the specific department. Department Staff can post requests and complaints of daily maintenance with pictures. All these processes can be monitored by the manager and see that everything goes on time with no excuses. This helps the hotel to keep track of maintenance issues in the hotel.
Speed up & automate Daily Housekeeping tasks
Room cleaning and housekeeping play a key role in any hotel. Risolve HM assigns the cleaning tasks to the specific users based on the worksheet raised once.
All details of the current position of cleaning tasks can be viewable by the managers and admin staff on their login.
When a guest comes for checkout, the front desk sends the request to give room clearance to housekeeping. Housekeeping employee gives clearance ok or not okay along with the remarks. Based on the clearance the front desk acts upon.
Its Multilingual for your guests and you too
Today hotels are likely to have guests from all over the world. Well, some of your staff may be multilingual which is not going to solve the problems of your guests. These language barriers may lead to big problems for your guests and to you.
Risolve HM being a Multilingual helps you and your guests with precise translation within the apps. This feature simplifies your international guest stay with you. Your guest can select their preferred lingual and you can also select them too.
By improving the communication between your guests and your staff you might be at the top of the attraction of your international guests and will create a brand value to your hotel.
Get more occupancy
While Risolve HM ultimately streamlines backend operations of your hotel and reduces workload for staff, to give time to offer personalized services and to delight your guests. No hotel can operate without guests and the guest satisfaction gives you more ratings and more occupancy to you, and Risolve HM smart technology further shapes your guest experiences and expectations.
The term “competitive advantage” probably makes any hotel think of downward pricing but in reality, successful competitive advantages are built more on diversification and uniqueness of your hotel business than on offering the lowest price on the market. Taking advantage of technology is going to be one of the Key Success Factors for any hotel over its competitors in the Hospitality industry. Mobile concierge, VoiceBot and ChatBot are the key components of making your hotel an advantage over your competitors.

Increase Restaurant sales and in room dinging orders
Get Realtime Restaurant sales data

  • Receive orders for food and beverages with time date
  • Never loose orders from your guest due to human intervention
  • Reserve restaurant table and order browse through for your guests
  • Multi store event based stock consumption data for analysis
  • Increases in room dining sales
  • Gives on table tab view menu and ordering
  • Sell your special dishes
  • Can add multiple restaurant
Simplifies interactions
The guest today is expecting world-class standards. He wants everything on time, cleaner floors, pristine rooms, and agile services.
To provide the same, the hotel staff and the managers have to be on the same page. Risolve HM with the mobile app helps you to do so, with real-time data on tasks.
This data is a precious resource allowing you to discover many key facts about your business like for example your average occupancy time by time throughout the year, the average length of stay of your guests, the type of travelers staying in your hotel etc.
Personalised Experience with 2 way messaging
Guests are always on the go, be with them on their entire stay with 2 way messaging. 2 way messaging helps your guests and staff to update each other’s in real-time with their needs. Your guest sent you a request to reserve the table and you are informing him that the table is ready and you are eagerly waiting for him to serve. Laundry is delivered at his room and you are informing him where ever he is and the guest is also sending you the reply for your messages.
Customer service is the backbone of the hospitality industry. It is the service that makes or breaks a hospitality business. The expectations of consumers of service are changing. Caring for the customers and building a customer-centric brand is the only tested model to sustained success in this knowledge economy.
Gather guest Feedback and complaints
Most often guests do not share their problems during the stay with the hotel, and after their stay, they post negatively on social media. Nowadays more than 50% of travelers use reviews to choose their hotel. This is why you must focus on getting positive reviews from your hotel’s guests. Now It is possible in a simple method to take feedback without actively making your guest write notes. Risolve HM helps you to connect comfortably with your guests at every possible point.
Improving customer service effectively must be a part of your revenue management strategy for a better hospitality business. It is only through high-quality customer service that someone can build a successful and sustainable business. And, this is even more important for the hospitality industry.
Upsell Promotions and offers
Make your guests spend more money at their stay with real-time offers data like today’s special, special events, and packages which are sent on their mobile that captures your guests’ attention. Information about your hotel services, promotions and offers are placed in a bunch of flyers. In this smart era, Your guest doesn’t even bothers to pick it up and read it? Leaflets, broachers and posters, nobody reads them today anyway.
Broadcast your offers even through in-app messaging to your guests so that they won’t say that they missed out on the offers and bookings in https://www.torturemuseum.com/ local business partner’s restaurant or send updates about nearby entertainment deals. This way you can encourage your guests to spend as much as possible! And even Upsell your services or promote services or products from your local partners.
Observations on your Guest Requests
Risolve HM collects the guest requests data so that you can analyze their data. Such as previous check-in history, frequently ordered foods, preferences, feedbacks etc.
Mobile apps have become a must-have tool for travelers with a large population using it to search and book rooms. If you are not on mobile then you will miss out targeting this significant group.
Seamless integration
Risolve HM is an upgrade tool that fills the gap of your customer experience and operations. No need to disturb existing set-up, this is a plug-and-play solution.
Access anytime, anywhere
Does not require any on-premise servers or any IT hardware to deploy the application. Being a cloud-management solution, access your dashboards on any mobile device, anytime.
Customise your hotel information for Alexa
In Rislove HM you can customize your information in real-time and Alexa recognizes those changes automatically and gives the information to your guests.
Multiple locations under one roof
Handling multiple locations of a chain of hotels or resorts is made easy. With our software, you just need to log in to your account and see all the information on a click or command.
Customer feedback for the hotel industry helps increase occupancy, generating revenue. With Risolve HM, your customer feedback turns green.
Auto-escalation of customer complaints
In regular practice, only big issues come into the cognizance of the managers. With Alexa, guest raises their smallest concern and the response is immediate. The managers can have a full track of what action is taken on it.

Can be deployed in a few hours

Just feed your information and you are ready for your guest service in hours.

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